Wild Rose's Additional Landscape & Garden Design Services

Landscape Consulting

Helping clients with specific garden problems...
• Why aren’t my roses doing well?
• What kinds of groundcover will work in shade?
• How do I keep my garden from looking chaotic?
• I don’t know whether my drip system provides enough water for my plants.

Walk through your garden with Claudia and she will give you a written assessment of the her findings and the discussion.

Do It Yourself?

Do you want to do it yourself, but need some expert advise on plant choice, how close together to place plants, or grouping plants for effective irrigation?

Wild Rose Landscape Design can help you do this, at a modest hourly rate.

Container Gardens

Claudia loves container gardens and she can advise you on the types of containers and plants as well as select and plant them, or help you arrange containers yourself to look like complete gardens in a non-garden space.

Micro Designs

• How can I deal with that dark damp corner?
• What can I plant on a hot steep hillside?
• How can I make my entry look more inviting?

Claudia can do a sketch, a complete conceptual plan and/or a plant list for a specific area of your garden.

Improve your home or summer home with Wild Rose Landscape, Garden Design and Lawn Alternatives

Call Claudia at 831-685-1154 or email her at claudia@wildroselandscape.com to schedule a free consultation and assessment in Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties